Henry Community Health

Henry Community Health

Your Surgery

Your surgery will be at Henry Community Health in New Castle.  Many of my surgeries are done on an outpatient basis where you will be able to return home after recovery the day of surgery.  Typically only patients having total knee and total hip surgeries are admitted as inpatients.

Before and after your surgery we will provide information to you on:

  • Preparing for your surgery including if you need a health clearance for your surgery.
  • What to expect during and after surgery
  • Follow-up care information such as physical therapy, home health care and home based exercises
  • Discharge information on how to take care of your surgical incision, medications to relieve pain, when to call us if a problem arises and a date for your follow-up surgical appointment.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehab Services at Henry Community Health are an important part of my orthopedic care team for sports related injuries and hip and knee problems.

In some cases they may be able to reduce your pain and improve function without the need for surgery. And if surgery is needed they can provide your post-operative care as you recover from your surgery. We also can coordinate care with other physical therapists that may be closer to your home.

Located at Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion across from my office, their 8000 square foot outpatient rehabilitation facility offers a wide variety of treatment options, private treatment areas, a fully equipped 4500 square foot Cybex gym and a 30x 50 foot warm water therapy pool.  They also have a small hospital unit where they provide initial therapy for inpatients who are recovering from hip, knee or shoulder surgeries.

Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement

Our Sports Medicine athletic trainers are integral to the care I provide for injured athletes.  During their initial evaluation they determine if they can care for the injury or if they need to refer the athlete to me for further evaluation to see if further testing or surgery might be necessary.

In many cases they are able to treat problems such as sprains, strains, tendonitis and soft tissue injuries. They also provide functional training which focuses on injury reduction, and at the same time on performance enhancement.

Located on the lower level of Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion their facility features a 1,800 square foot weight training area, a 600 square foot cardio fitness area, treatment/modality/hydrotherapy/athletic taping area for management of athletic related injuries, and a 1,600 square foot performance enhancement training area. They also have a Cybex 6000 multi joint isokinetic training, testing and rehabilitation system, Game Ready accelerated recovery system, Vertimax V6 Elite lower and upper body training system and a warm water therapy pool.

Our Hospital Location

Henry Community Health
1000 N 16th St
New Castle, IN 47362