Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement is available for patients when only one compartment of the knee is damaged typically from arthritis. Arthritis in the knee joint occurs as a result of degeneration of the cartilage in your knee commonly referred to as “wear and tear” arthritis or degenerative arthritis. This means there is no cushion between the bones that make up the knee joint. You now have bone on bone with the nerve endings on the bones causing your pain.

What is the benefit of having partial knee surgery rather than total knee surgery?

Patients who have a partial knee replacement typically experience:

  • Less pain
  • Smaller incision
  • Quicker recovery
  • Less blood loss
  • And usually are discharged the same day

They also normally have a greater range of motion and knee function because partial knee surgery replaces only one compartment of the knee. It preserves the other two and still saves the cruciate ligaments which help provide knee stability.

How do you decide if I only need partial knee replacement?

We look at x-rays of your knee to see how much damage has been done. We can do a partial knee replacement if arthritis has affected only one side of your knee-usually the medial (inner) side.

If I have a partial knee replacement now can I have a total knee replacement later if I need one?

Yes you can have a total knee replacement in the future if you need one.

What can I expect after the surgery is over?

You’ll recover in our surgery suite until you are awake from the anesthesia and your vital signs are good. In most cases you will be able to stand and go home that same day.

What happens when I go home?

Follow-up physical therapy will be needed after you leave the hospital. Initially this will be done in your home usually followed by outpatient physical therapy.